Chef Massimo Talia after graduating from the Tech dining facilities at hostelry school in Termoli, began his career in his hometown at the restaurant under the guidance of Panfilo's Chef Pasquale Russo.
After 5 years of training period he feels the need to face new challenges by turning in several Italian and foreign localities. There are many chefs who have left an imprint in his training: Fabio Tacchella, Berto Tomasi, Emanuele Saracino, Luca Verdolini and many others.
From 2000 he working actively in the life membership with the Unione Cuochi Regione Molise in variety of roles and he currently the provincial secretary of the Associazione Cuochi Campobasso.
The staff of Svevia is young and dynamic and does not leave anything to chance, attention to detail is the prerogative of our Maitre Silvio Chiappa always present and attentive to capture the customer's needs, helped in this by Nicholas Flocco running its directives impeccably and Chef in his "Harem" women-only is supported by Nicoletta, Marinella and Maria Pia.